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Organization Made Easy!
Simply the Best Way to Organize Your Attic

Attic Dek® is the only storage system designed specifically for unfinished attic space. Manufactured in two sizes to fit either 16” or 24” standard truss spacing, these lightweight interlocking panels are secured to the attic floor joists using five 2” flathead screws. Testing has shown that each panel supports up to 250 pounds, providing consumers a safer attic storage system that is both sturdy and durable.

Lightweight and Efficient

Most homeowners can install a package of panels in about 15 minutes. And, because Attic Dek® panels are so lightweight and easy-to-handle, there's no need to coordinate with a helper. One person can easily finish the job. Customers have given Attic Dek® rave reviews! We think you'll like it just as much as they have. There is simply nothing else like it on the market.

Attic Dek® Features

  1. Lightweight and easy to handle
  2. Provides the additional attic storage space needed to get organized
  3. No tools, cutting or measuring are required
  4. Eliminates the risk of sagging joists which could happen with heavier solid flooring materials
  5. Keeps wires, pipes and ductwork accessible
  6. Can be installed in small sections with more tiles added as needed.
  7. One person can easily install Attic Dek®, no helper is necessary
  8. Provides access to hard to reach areas when used as a stepping stone path
  9. Anyone can install Attic Dek®
  10. Sturdy and Durable – each tile can support up to 250 pounds

Reduce Stress

Millions of American families are so time-starved with all of the various obligations and demands on their time that they are seeking any way possible to get more done in less time. One of the ways to accomplish this goal is to keep our belongings in better order. Of course, this means disposing of some things, but then there are all those articles we don’t actually use all the time, but want to keep. Attic storage is perfect for things of this nature.

By maintaining order in the areas that we see each day, we are actually practicing a stress reduction technique.